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dragancaor's Journal

6 July
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  • Draganin
Um.... about me....

I'm a freelance photographer & photojournalist.

I'm also a qualified Make Up Artist; with my work ranging from day, evening & special occasion makeup through high fashion, theatre & film including casualty effects.
I write, run & play d&d (v3.5), run my own website & forum, write an extremely minor web comic with totally random updating & occasionally work with my partner's productions company.

I also help moderate a sims2 community called pixel_trade, which is all about sharing your sims with other people & having fun.

I play sims in my spare time & use it to get out some of the pent up imagination, before it breaks free on its own & runs rampant across the country leaving only flamboyant destruction in its wake...

This is my sims 2 journal.
If you want my normal journal, its draganin.


- A Strange Little Desert Town
- Pleasantacres Asylum
- Red Velvet
- Synergy
- Karma of Angkor
- Poverty, Blizzards & Feminism
- Latrodectus*
- One Horseman & Three Pedestrians of the Apocralypse*

*yet to screen

- Photoshop - Drawing Lines
- Extracting & Packaging Sims
- Restoring Lost Tombstones
- Simple Screencapturing
Resizing & Framing in Paint.net


- Latrodectus family
- CC free Founders
- Simsperiment Results

Anything not sims (like my photography gallery, folio & my comic), plus a fair bit that is sims, can be found over at my website: dragancaor.net
The forum is open to all, & is a whole bunch of random & crazy things, mixed in with the occasional seriousness. Games reviews, forum games & friendly competitions, technical assistance, chatter etc.

Other places online where you can find me....

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