So I was left speechless by my game last night

Kirk Asimov may have potentially just overtaken Akamaru Stripe in the epically awesome loyal dog awards.

This is Kirk, licking the face of Judy Asimov (Gen 4 spouse, vampire failing to be as dead as her mortal & late husband).

Now, you're probably thinking that Kirk is just doing some normal interaction with the mother of his owner. Yeh... the above shot is. Technically. Thing is, it's what he did moments before this that really matter.

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Late Night

Oh look. The Nightlife EP is being released for TS3, renamed Late Night & flaunting basically all the same content as it's 2005 version. Probably not much different to the ts1 version, though I can't say I've ever played ts1 so I wont speculate.

I'm still excited about getting Ambitions. Which is still on hold at the shop, so I'm still excited. Because I haven't broken my game installing it. Yet. =P

I'd likely be more surprised at the speed of the EP releases if they weren't just conversions.
Although, yay vampires! [evil plans]

But if you like watching the EA video clip releases, you might enjoy this one for LN. Hopefully they're still going to allow our sims to work the bar & the sound desks. Because I'm looking at this & wondering how many more Tom Cruise movies they can work in. Top Gun & Cocktail I've seen so far now.
Which worker[s] is/are obsessed? ^.^

.:Griddle & Panini:. VDSL Generation one, Part two.

Excuse me while I paste the contents of the txt file saved to my desktop.... Many apologies for any broken code I subject you to, I was up for a job at 3am after 30 mins sleep... & went, slight fever & all.... got home, tried to stay awake long enough to eat & then crashed & burned. With a burnt thumb from the stupid curling tongs because 6 straight haired bridesmaids & a straight haired Bride all wanted curls... but not from rollers. [sigh]
Meanwhile, I now just feel like death warmed up.

So without any further ado, here is the second installment of my pixel_trade VDSL. Which is late & I'm past worrying about deadlines. Installments will go up.... when they manage to go up =P

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Cambia Hardbottle: simmytizzy
Roid Rage: sixamsims

& with appearances by
Emmet Ryan: skittlebox

& I fixed the image codes... I hope. I think they work now....
Fingers crossed not much else is broken....

When Worlds Collide: Nina & Dina Caliente

Close to my train station is a hair & beauty salon that I've been meaning to photograph for the last three years. Today I finally did.

They're called Caliente & Hair on the Highway.

Nina & Dina Caliente have a lot of conspiracy surrounding their names in Pleasantview. Perhaps more than even the residents of Pleasantacres Asylum ever managed to dream up.

Below the cut is what made me stop, back up a few paces & get my camera out on the main highway during peak traffic. I was half waiting to be stopped & questioned under some ridiculous terror law.

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.:Griddle & Panini:. VDSL Generation one, Part one.

I wasn't going to post my VDSL at all. I was planning on just enjoying it quietly.
Ah well. Best laid plans of mice.
& men.
& men.
What have men got to do with it?

Anyway. I'm playing mine in TS3. I have more than enough challenges running in TS2 & I was looking forward to the extra challenge & strategy involved in a pixel_trade TS3 legacy... considering that the eligibles can't all be townified at the start... you have to keep adding them to the pool as you go. Furthering the strategy is the 2 sims per creator rule; which is easy in TS2 but not so easy in TS3.
Not impossible. But not easy.

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.:Foundation & Empire:. Generation 1.01

After leaving all the images sitting on my server for over a week, I finally got around to finishing the captioning & actually posting them!

Previously on Foundation & Empire, we saw Laidin move into Mozzie Cove, smuggle stolen goods, live insects & reptiles (Janna the crocodile being one of those) through customs, entrap a foreign national into a marriage of her own convenience, hire a creepy babysitter.

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& I'm all outa gum

I'm guessing there are a number of you on my f/list that are old enough to remember playing Duke Nukem in it's various forms. Those of you who remember the sheer awesome of moving from the platform game Duke Nukem 2 to the mind blowing Duke Nukem 3D, & remember giving the strippers cash to show & make their tassels dance....

So anyway, bloodflesh just linked me this in msn & I absolutely had to share it here.

I have no idea how old the image is, so it's very likely you've seen it before, but I figured I'd share it anyway. It's new to me XD

Obviously he's run out of bubblegum as the option isn't there to chew it as well as kick arse.